Music / Audio Studio
Music Score / Sound Design


Modern World Studio can provide full service music and sound design.

We will join your creative team and help you fulfill your vision, providing music and composition score, sound design, and complete stereo, and/or 5.1 / 7.1 surround mix-to-picture facilities. Then deliver a mastered and encoded, ready for DVD/BluRay dolby surround and stereo files.

3D Stereoscopic production - artHouse3dTM

Film Makers and Producers can find a comfortable home in a productive
and creative environment with boutique sized pricing.

Modern World Studio provides the needed ingredients;

High-end gear, quality work, client-first service, superb production skills,
creative eyes and ears and an enjoyable and creative environment.

Composer/Sound Designer and national award winning Director available.

Surround Mastering

Modern World Studio can provide high quality stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 mastering to any format. We use hi-end mastering eqs, compressors, and limiters and monitor in our fully analyzed and calibrated audio studio for a accurate reference.

Bass Management
One of the trickiest aspects of the mastering process for Dolby Surround encoding for DVD or BluRay is the bass management (sub management). Consumer DVD/BluRay players and Surround Tuners have a bass management feature that is enabled by default. The challenge in the mastering process is to predict and adjust the bass levels on the LFE track as to how it will play in a typical home theater and/or theater environment while maintaining the quality and the intention of the original surround mix. We want that big low end on the explosions and bass heavy music but, too much and well, its too much, too little and you missed the effect and the intention of composer, mix engineer and director.

Technical Info

Consultation, Composition, Song Writing, Session Musicians, Sound Design, Foley

5.1, 7.1, Stereo - Record, Mix, Master, sync to picture.
126 Audio Tracks DAW 44.1-96k 24Bit
44.1 - 96K Stereo and surround recording, mixing, mastering.
SMTE/wordclock lock to HD video picture, to a 24" wide LCD and 72" wide projection screen HD video monitoring.

(See Audio Studio Page for more detail)

Location sound recording, location Sound EFX recording

Other Assets:
Numerous Sound EFX, Atmosphere, Foley, Impulse Response, Sample, and other Libraries

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