Music / Audio Studio
Music Score / Sound Design

The Audio Studio provides quality, accuracy and creativity for engineering and producing stereo and surround recording, mixing and mastering to all delivery format standards and desired sound.

A full compliment of the highest quality analogue gear is the front end of a signal path to hi-res 24bit digital DAW. Utilizing high-end; mics, analogue pre-amps, eq's, and compressors in the right combination for desired sound, punch and coloration, then master digital to delivery format.

Music Artists and Producers will find a comfortable studio with the kind of "vibe" critical for a productive and creative environment.

Modern World Studio provides the needed ingredients;

High-end gear, quality and accuracy, client-first service, superb engineering, musical ears, and an enjoyable and creative environment.

Music Producer and national award winning Film/Video Director available for sound/performance shaping/direction and music video production.

Gear and Technical List

Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, EV, Peluso, Soundellux

Avalon, Chandler, Neve, Universal Audio, API, Old School, Great River, Empirical Labs, Urei, Vintech Audio, Drawmer, Focusrite, DBX, Little Labs

Apple Intel Zeon 8 Core Workstations, Dell Zeon 8 Core Workstations
UAD2 Quad 3xDSPcards expansion chassis
UAD Plugs: LA-2A, LA 3A, 1176LN, Fairchild 670, Pultec Pro, EMT Plate 140, EMT 250, Neve 1073 Classic Console EQ, Neve 1081 Classic Console EQ, Neve 33609 Buss Compressor, Neve 88RS Channel Strip, Trident A-Range Classic Console EQ, Manley Massive Passive Mastering and Channel/Buss EQ, SSL 4000 Channel Strip, SSL 4000 Buss Compressor, EL Fatso, Roland Dimension D, Cooper Time Cube, Roland RE 201 Space Echo, EP-34 Tape Echo, SPL Transient Designer, Mastering Series Precision: Buss Compressor, DeEsser, EQ, Multiband Compressor, Limiter, Enhancer Hz, and Maximizer, and more (practically all the UAD plug collection)
Numerous other top-end kool plugs; amp modelers, vocoders, harmonizers, samplers, synths, modulators, filters, reverbs, delays, compressors, etc. (All we would ever need)

Numerous Sound EFX, Atmosphere, Foley, Impulse Response, Sample, and other Libraries

With the numerous giga-networked computers along with tons of DSP and high-end analogue modeling and outboard resources together with extended track and efx resources we can achieve similar or better mixes than from even the large console setups.

Reference Monitors (Stereo Nearfield, 5.1, 7.1 Surround w/bass management):
KRK, Tannoy, Hafler, Blue Sky

Tracking Room:
Isolated "floating" room, instrument level extended line for control room play to isolated miced amp, Little Labs Phase Alignment for multi-mic/cab/drum setups.

Marshall half-stack, Marshall JCM2000 Super Lead Head, Fender Tube Amp, Ampeg SVT Cab, Ampeg 80R Head, Fender Strat, Gibson Les Paul, 72' Fender Jazz Bass, Fender Fretless Jazz Bass Special, Warwick Fretless Bass, Takamine Steal String Guitar, Cordoba Classical Guitar, Gong Bop Congas, Roland Handsonic Percussion Pad MIDI Perc Controller, Full Dual Zone Electronic Drum/MIDI Kit, Various Percussion, Yamaha DX7, MIDI Keyboard Controller

44.1 - 96K Stereo and surround recording, mixing, mastering.

SMTE/wordclock lock to HD video picture.
Monitor Options:
24" wide HD LCD
72" wide HD projection screen
58" wide HD Full Res 3D stereoscopic Plasma

Engineer, Producer, Session Musicians, Video/Film Director


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