Music / Audio Studio
Music Score / Sound Design

Autodesk Maya VFX - Animation Platform

Full service computer based 3-D, 2-D, EFX, VFX and compositing for superb quality, in SD, HD, 2K, 4K, Web, for film, broadcast, gaming, or any application, format or resolution. MAYA is our base animation and VFX platform for high-end capability and quality.

We can work with your live action or other elements, or create all elements to meet project specifications. Including; live action location, live action matte studio, studio wire and harness stunts, underwater live action mattes. Then deliver back to you as composite elements or complete scenes, or completed projects.

From stylized to realistic, animation and effects that will meet your specifications, expectations and budget.

Film Makers and Producers can find a comfortable home in a productive and creative environment with boutique sized pricing.

Modern World Studio provides the needed ingredients;

High-end gear, quality work, client-first service, superb production skills, creative eyes and ears and an enjoyable and creative environment.

Composer/Sound Designer and national award winning Director available.


Animation / VFX / Composite Suite

The animation, VFX and composite suite is based on the MAYA Unlimited animation and VFX suite and further loaded with all the compositing, paint, color correction, and editing tools needed to tackle any project. We can do 3D animation, 2D animation, 3D water and fluids, modeling, character animation, image manipulation, animated painting efx, matte work, compositing, motion tracking, film scene replacements, all kinds of CGI. We also do actual underwater VFX work as well. Our numerous multi-processor Zeon workstations, allow use to render farm CPU intensive scenes while working on others.

In the studio we can shoot green screen 1920p/i 24fps or 30fps HD SDI uncompressed direct to high speed disk RAID, which will provide exceptionally clean HD mattes, We can then use these clean hi-res images in our post work flow utilizing MAYA and MatchMover for animation, VFX and Toxic, Shake or After Effects for compositing your VFX sequence for you. Or, deliver it to you for use in your post suite, either un-matted ready for your keyer, or matted using our Autodesk Toxic compositer/keyer. Very high-end results ready for your post completion efforts.

Whether we shoot, or are given elements, unless they are already uncompressed and 4:4:4 color space, we usually take the images up to 10bit RGB uncompressed with 4:4:4 color space for the animation/matte/composite work. The higher bit depth and zero compression creates huge files and makes the process much more challenging both on the hardware, software and storage, but it is worth it when in the end we end up with a product that looks as good as your vision (or better).

Motion Tracking

Utilizing Autodesk's high-end tracking app MatchMover, along with Toxic and other compositing and tracking assets, Modern World Studio is equipped for motion tracking in the studio and then accurate motion tracking to match elements in post when compositing.

Using this toolset, we can extract advanced precision 3D camera and motion data from video and film sequences. Advanced work flows can be based on filtering and fine tuning of tracking parameters, tracking from multiple footage and stills, tracking of moving objects, 3D-constrained tracking, and 3D tracking constrained by motion control data.

Underwater Cinematography & VFX


Modern World Studio has created custom grip and matte gear and rigging that can be placed into the water for an underwater matte shoot. Compositing underwater actors, or other elements into an out of water scene is a fantastic look. Or, unmated water shots with lighting and other effects is also a great and unusual look, and can be very dramatic.

The pool here at the studio is open during the warm months and ready for underwater work. We have designed underwater grip and camera support gear that has been working very well for both straight forward underwater cinematography and underwater VFX work.

Joel has modified a scuba dive motorized scooter to serve as a camera mount and motion device. The scooter can be set up for neutral buoyancy at a specified depth, providing a nice balanced and steady camera support. Then if desired the propeller can be engaged to move the camera for some fantastic underwater camera shots.

Joel is a PADI certified deep water scuba diver.

Art Design / Pre-Press

Many hours are spent creating your animation/VFX/CGI elements. Why not get all the use out of them as possible. Just because we rendered elements at HD res 1920 for your DVD or music video project, doesn't necessarily mean we can't re-render them at 3600 or 5000 pixels 300 dpi for a print piece. And, if we plan for this in the pre-production stage, we can make sure that this is possible. You can have high quality pre-press for what ever promotion, or packaging use. We can also use the same art and design at a lower res for web publication and promotion.

Modern World Studio can help you with the design and the pre-press, from design approval to proofs before printing. We can do the professional photo work, use graphics or a combination. Or, if you have someone doing your art and/or photos, we can help with the pre-press, or the conversion to high resolution pre-press or low resolution optimized web graphics.

Gear and Technical List

Multiple Platform giga-networked production workflow. Large render farm, 28 Terabyte RAID
Pre-production-production consultation, 3-D, 2-D, Composite VFX, 3-D Computer Water VFX, Real Water VFX

MAYA Unlimited based workflow in conjunction with most of the other composite, paint and editing tools.

30'x20' Studio Space, 20'x12' Green Cyc, Lighting Grid at 12', Flats, Lighting, Power Control, Dressing/Makeup, Wire & Harness Flying Stunt Rig, Motorized Jib, Track Dolly, Motion Tracking

44'Lx26'Wx10'D, Ample Power Available for HMIs, Camera, Support, etc.
Custom Designed Dive Scooter Camera Housing Mount & Support
Custom Designed Underwater Green Matte Rigging
PADI certified deep water scuba diver/camera operator
100% Private, Available 24/7

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