Music / Audio Studio
Music Score / Sound Design

- Fully Equipped Green Studio Sound Stage
- Motorized Jib, Wire & Harness Flying Rig. Wind, Fog, Special Lighting
- Camera Setup for uncompressed super clean mattes!
- Motion Scenes MatchMoved to Live Action or Virtual Scene Sequence

- Autodesk Maya - VFX-Animation-CGI
- Motion Capture, Motion Tracking
- Uncompressed HD, 2K, 4K Production, Keying, DI
- High-End Complex Compositing
- Water/Liquid EFX
- 3D Stereoscopic Production

- High Quality Audio/Music Recording Studio
- High-End Analog and Digital Gear
- 5.1, 7.1 Surround Recording, Mixing, Mastering, ADR
- Sound Design and Music Composition

3D Stereoscopic production - artHouse3dTM

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